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Welcome to the Memphis Deaf Community! My name is Wally Hodge. I'm total deaf. Thank you for visiting our website here at MDC! MDC stands for "Memphis Deaf Community". We appreciate you taking the time to surf our site. I did created this website but I'm not as very good an English. I do most ASL. If you are not sure understand any this page(s) then please do let me know then I will explain to you to understanding. Why I'm doing this because we care about Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the Mid-South of the Communities, your family and friends. We and your friends/family that this website will worth your time and help your future research and needed. Membership includes deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people.

The Memphis Deaf Community is a base non-profit organization that strives to enhance the life of people in the local Deaf community by connecting them to each other socially and by informing them of events and activities that are relative to their lives. Their website also provides information on Deaf churches, sign language classes, and Deaf schools and is written and maintained by a Deaf Memphian. Memphis Deaf Community having so much fun with deaf and hard-of-hearing (and also with hearing, too!) during chatting at the Silent Dinner, Deaf Coffee Chat at Starbucks, Deaf Craft Fair, Deaf Social, Deaf Sports, Deaf Picnic, Sign Classes, Deaf Games, Memphis Tours, and much more fun of the Deaf Events.

Many of them asked me "How many deaf and hard-of-hearing live in Memphis?"... Here is an answer - 83,500 men and women who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. How comes so many deaf and hard of hearing people are here which of them that we didn't meet them?... We know that is a lot of people but that's a reason because they (University of Memphis) counted for Senior Citizens people who had 'hearing loss'. Said University of Memphis - Although the study done by the University of Memphis did not separate the people by 'signers' and 'non-signers' (singers - ASL), we believe that there are approximately 7,000 - 8,000 sign language using Deaf/Hard of Hearing people in the area (including West Memphis/Marion Arkansas area and Northern out of Memphis, TN counties and North Mississippi area its called Great Memphis. So same thing who live in the state of Tennessee only and counted of 500,000 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Tennessean.

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please feel free to browse through different pages of our site to find the services you needed. You may tell us about you needs. We will give you an estimate on filling that order. If you canít find any of the pages that you need for your school, work, business or otherwise then you may contact us to help you find what you are looking for.

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Wally Hodge
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