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Updated: September 1, 2009

Deaf Business
Deaf Start A Business ~ How To Start A Business

~ Your owner Business at Home or Local ~
~ Internet Business or Sell Products ~
~ Where we get products comes from ~


To whom Deaf to be owner a businesses or already owned a business


Thank you for stopping by here this page 'Deaf Business'. I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have been worked for 15 years business to sell items ILY designs print on them: T-shirt, cap, mouse pad, keychain, etc., etc.. by my Home Business at my home by hands make ....surprised?.... Yeah, I did made by myself so same you will do but its a lot of work. If you have ILY design then print on them to sell at the booth where at ASLEXPO or other place to make money. I knew anyone are huge trilling to starting a business but be very careful because business is not a toy... Its indeed BUSINESS! Its read a business because of money to make a be...never know...who know! :)

First of all, I would like for you to read first about myself in history business go to to see what am I. Then you can read below rest of all.  Hope you have a good time to reading this page but I will add more than that. If you have any questions or an additional please do let me know for more information.

Do you think its easy to start a business?... My answer is "No."  Please read very careful how to step-to-step to start a business. I give you an example both an English and ASL.

The business to start is not appreciate it because many of them lost businesses for some reason. So be sure that what you 'think' that you can to sell items/products or Internet successful in the future. And also the business is a lot of work to responsibly to get care of it everyday to watch over your business keep doing on and to keep up not go down.

First thing. I would like to tell you about Web Business. Most of people use business called 'Web Business' for Home Business (sometime other local). Here is first step-to-step.

Web Business:

Things You'll Need:

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection, preferably high speed
  • A domain name
  • Web hosting
  • A website
  • Proper business licenses

    How to Start a Web Business

  1. Step One

    Decide what type of Web business you want to run. Will you sell your own product or service? Or, will you act as a drop shipper or sell other people's products as an affiliate marketer?


  2. Step Two

    Choose a business name and register it with your state. Opt for a name that will be easily identifiable with your business's purpose. For example, if your Web business offers Web design services, you might name it "My Name Graphic Design." It's easy-to-remember, to the point, and tells prospects exactly what you offer.


  3. Step Three

    Apply for the proper business licenses. Whether you're going to run your Web business from home or from an office, you're going to need the proper business licenses, such as a zoning permit, to operate legally. Check with your local government offices to determine what licenses you will need.


  4. Step Four

    Purchase a domain name and Web hosting, both of which are relatively inexpensive. Choose a domain name that is similar, if not identical, to your business name. Many entrepreneurs opt to purchase their business domain name with several extensions, such as .com, .net, and .org to ensure that the competition doesn't grab those domains.


  5. Step Five

    Build your website. If you do not have the funds to hire a Web designer to design your website, you can purchase a Web template and customize it to meet your needs. In addition, many Web hosts offer free, easy-to-customize templates with their hosting packages.


  6. Step Six

    Write your business plan. No matter how daunting it seems, writing a business plan is essential to your Web business's ultimate success. In addition to providing you with a blueprint for how your Web business will be run, a business plan is also a necessity if you opt to, now or in the future, apply for a small business loan or approach investors.


  7. Step Seven

    Start marketing your Web business. You can have the best product or service available, but if you don't market your Web business, no one is going to know about it. You have many online options for marketing your business, many of which are free, including article marketing, starting a blog, and engaging in social networking. You can also use such paid marketing tools as pay-per-click and banner advertising.


  8. Step Eight

    Open your virtual business doors. Announce your Web business's official launch on your website and by distributing press releases to online press release sites. To get prospective customers excited, consider offering a limited time discount on first purchases.

Tips Business:


Here is an example what to do with your business from SBA (Small Business Administration.) Almost same above but a little different, go to

SBA provides various resource partners such as SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives)—counselors to America’s Small Business and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) that can provide you with FREE counseling and technical assistance on getting started and/or expanding your small business. To locate the resource closest to you, go to our website: , click on your state and then click on “Counseling & Training Resources”.
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