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Deaf Community are bad grammar?

August 26, 2008 - 7:36 AM
Deaf Communities - MDC Readers,
MDC are bad grammar in the eNewsletter?... I'm not surprised. I know that. I shouldn't say this but I would like to tell you and everyone to understand what Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community (Hearing, too!) who having serious problem with between "ASL and English" and or "Speak and Hands". Several times people asking me why people (any Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing) Communities sometime say "Deaf are bad grammar?.... My answer is no and yes but not really always. Here is my point.
MDC (me - Wally) are bad grammar?... My answer is Yes!... I'm very proud of myself but its hurts. I knew several Deaf and Hard of Hearing who are smart person which (and what) they think I am bad grammar. I don't care what D/HOH (or Hearing) people are saying to me which they say "bad grammar" or whatever in the MDC eNewsletter. But look -- Sometime I didn't typed in the MDC eNewsletter and also its from other people's typed which they want me to send out MDC eNewsletter. I can't edit sentences for them because its will causes misunderstand. That's people's own text not me, so I copy and paste text from them who want me to send out MDC eNewsletter.

Know what?!... This is true story. I received an email this morning from... (I can't tell name deaf person).  He (deaf man) say in the email he sent to me: "It's just an embarrassment to public with your bad grammar.".  I'm surprised he not understanding about Deaf way.... This is not my first time. This is my 4th times I received emails from them since several years. Oh well, sometime its ok in my English but most of time its not okay with my English in write (or email type) but most of time ASL write (or email type), not in my signing with my hands in the eNewsletter. If you don't understand what I meaning?... What I means -- in my read-mind ASL signing then to write (typing) in the eNewsletter... That's causes confused bad grammar in an English. I'm not surprised. I knew I'm not good an English in write about MDC eNewsletter and or MDC's website at I having a problem with an English as like: "as, a, ed, ing, s, the, es, etc., etc. verbs vary like that and sometime missed words.  I'm honest with you that's my bad grammar. But I'm not the only one... same other Deaf community do, same other Hard of Hearing community do, same other Hearing community do. Ever some presidents company do!... During that time I was owned a business " and my owned of the company for more than 15 years since 1989 for selling ILY items and prints to help Deaf fundraiser for Deaf schools and Organizations needs. Anyway... one of the company deaf owned a business (I can't tell name of the business or person) are still now in business for many years. I'm shocked he is not good as well in an English in the email who he sent to me a letter but I keep shut and understanding the way. I never tell anyone about him. Think about this once and never, never, never say to them "bad grammar" or insulted to them.

If you see any Deaf community who are very bad ASL grammar. Will you tell that person "You are bad grammar!"?... To me - never!  Maybe you'll realized this. That's why some of Deaf community who had a bad "Flashback" when he/her were a child abused by he/her family?...  This is true story -- When I were a little boy at age 6 years old serious abused by my Dad doing that to me all my life. Maybe that's why I hated go to school and not thrilled to learn in school classes. That's why I not learned that much in English class in the school. I always go to "jail" in my bedroom because I never go out of my bedroom since I'm fear of my Dad. But I'm okay now :) I can control in life but hard. Tear in my eyes... Anyway... Let me explain a little more...

For DEAF/HOH -- Same some of Deaf and Hard of Hearing community who are very good speak (talk) just like I am as like hearing people. But if you see (or hear) any Deaf/HOH speak an awful then don't say to them  "Your speak is an awful grammar!!"... Same I (or some of we) do bad grammar in an English but I'm very good speak or mind means "good wise", but in English no. Many times Deaf community emails me sometime are bad grammar but that's okay!  Mostly Deaf/HOH are very good speak and or write an English then that's fine with me (or us) but don't insulted to them who are bad grammar.

For HEARING -- Any hearing people who wanted to learn ASL in the class. Hearing people are tried very hard to learn sign language (depending hearing learn fast or slow). When hearing people signing to deaf person in any where place to meet them. He/Her (hearing) trying to saying to deaf person with he/her signing but not as well. Deaf person think that hearing is suck sign language?... No, because hearing people trying hard to learn ASL. Same thing they (deaf or hearing) called me bad grammar in an English. We can't insulted to hearing people like that way because hearing people TRY so same deaf people TRY... Be fair. Then Deaf should not insulted to hearing people, too!

So, everyone need to understand what Deaf and Hard of Hearing community who having huge difficult language, ASL, write, and speak. Same hearing people having difficult with ASL. Sometime hearing people told me they having a lot of problems which they (hearing) can't write spelling or bad spelling. So same thing hearing people problem with speak, write, error English, error spelling and failed learn ASL.  We must not insulted each other no matter who are Deaf/HOH or hearing people.  No one is perfect. Look I'm very good in my mind alike "good wise" but one problem is in my hands write in an English are not good. Same thing Deaf community who are very good hands signing to explain to them ASL but in write not as good. We and I can't help it. They can't changed he/her life because of habit in the past which of them who having a problem: child abused, not good in school class, not interested, or any reasons in many different way. I'm not sure myself.

Really, something bother me. I not understand why they (Deaf/HOH) think that way to Deaf community hurts to them talking about bad grammar. I though they should know better Deaf way in the community. That is Deaf-to-Deaf and Hearing-to-Hearing no matter Deaf-to-Hearing. We ALL are united communities in the world!

Its hard to explain this. I and Deaf community hope ALL of you to understanding AND please do not insulted to them again.  Thank you for reading this email and understanding AND friendly with Deaf community who are bad grammar or whatever ASL in their minds. We are VERY proud of ASL!  Be patient with me - smile.  Thank you.
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Wally Hodge
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